Somethin’ Else at Eden Court, Inverness, 26/2/2016. A review.

The One Touch Theatre in Eden Court is a fantastic venue for music. The quality of sound and acoustics are ideal if, like me, you enjoy seeing a band or solo artist who plays music at a high standard and responds well to an appreciative audience.

Friday night saw Bobby Cochran, nephew of 1950’s rocker Eddie Cochran, play his heart out for an audience who could just not keep still as he played hit after hit from the 50’s and 60’s Rock n’ Roll era. The night proved that these songs played well by someone with a feel for the material can have a crowd in the palm of his hand without any need for flash, light shows , banks of effects or technical wizardry.

Starting the show off with its title tune ‘Somethin’ Else’ playing a stunning Gretsch Eddie Cochrane model guitar was a great opener. Played through a Peavey Valve Twin amp with just spring reverb for a bit of echo it sounded amazing and convinced me that I won’t be selling my Peavey Valve Twin amp any time soon.

The band was bang on with Mike Bell on piano , Brian Hodgson on Bass and all held together by Mikey Cianco on drums. This band even the much younger than the rest drummer has a history of playing with many of British music’s stars most notably Albert Lee’s Hogans Heroes. Brian Hodgson did look extremely frail, even having to sit through most of the show but his Bass was a solid as a rock.

The set list contained several Rock n’Roll classics such as Eddie Cochran’s ‘Summertime Blues’, ‘Three Steps to Heaven’, ‘C’mon Everybody’ and ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ and other tunes  such as Chuck Berry’s  ‘Sweet Sixteen’, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, ‘School Day’ and ‘Route 66’, Louis Jordan’s ‘Caldonia’ and a selection of Surf Tunes topped off with the Theme from Pulp Fiction Dick Dale’s ‘Surf Rider’.

I had no idea Bobby Cochran played guitar for Steppenwolf but I do now. He finished off the show with their ‘Born to be Wild’  the song said to have helped Rock n’Roll give birth to Heavy Metal.  Some may not forgive Steppenwolf for that but I’m kinda glad. It’s well known I like a proper racket!

An encore of the Beatles Rock n’ Roll classic ‘When I Saw Her Standing There’ saw some of the dancers jumping about so much there was danger of injury.

A great end to a fantastic night of music direct from one of the genetic sources I’d say. It was quiet obvious on this showing that there is a lot to be said for a good beat and a simple Rock n’ Roll song.

You can check out our photos of the evening here.

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I am a Singer/Songwriter/Band Leader and first and foremost a music fan. My tastes run from quiet tasteful acoustic music to a proper racket with Jazz , Blues and Country in between. I think a leaning towards classic 70's Rock and boogie is evident in my own songwriting but I am always striving to write something different and to listen to something new as much as I can. I host a monthly (no PA) "Acoustic Music Night" at the Velocity Cafe in Inverness . I encourage new talent, young and old, to play. I am a very firm believer that you cannot, and never will, better the experience of witnessing great live music, no matter what the genre.