A look at Don’t Get Left Behind the (Unofficial) Ross County Cup Final Song by Edith and the Gin Junkies

With the Scottish League Cup final fast approaching; it’s on Sunday 13th March, we rounded up a team of neutral, if there can be such a thing, football supporters to pass their judgement on the Ross County cup final song, ‘Don’t Get Left Behind’ by Edith and the Gin Junkies.

Refereeing and keeping order was our Frank Finlayson. Our reviewers with their allegiances in brackets were Dave (Clachnacuddin), Colin (Forfar Athletic) and Stephen (Inverness Thistle 1885 – 1994). Stephen’s team being a much missed local side and not a specialist subject on Mastermind.

After much anticipation the single was let loose on our unsuspecting trio and they felt the first 20 seconds gave a blast of 80s indie guitar with Colin making comparison with The Rezillos and the Waitresses. Collectively there was a belief that they were about to hear a cover of Altered Images’ “Happy Birthday”. However, following the early attack the song settled down and the not completely unlike Clare Grogan vocal bedded itself into the midfield.

Let’s all do the bouncy

Talk turned to Colin’s lack of enthusiasm for cup final songs but this was apparently was deep seated in Forfar’s lack of cup final appearances… Colin though did impress the group with his choice of all time favourite football song that being Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh & On-U Sound ‎with The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown an unofficial Scotland song from the Euros in 1996. Dave and Stephen took their inspiration, if that is possible, from the classic 1982 Scotland World Cup single “We Have A Dream”. How they still had enthusiasm after the debacle in Argentina 4 years before I’ll never know.

But back to the game, I mean the song, and there was a change in pace as they broke into ‘Let’s all do the bouncy’, the band that is and not the reviewers! This led to a few strange looks and harsh words but Dave did feel that supporters with a few drinks in them (not that we condone such behaviour kids) would get behind it at this stage. Overall he found it in line with other football songs and typical of the genre. But to Stephen it was all too much as he put it “In my world that wouldn’t be allowed but it would be a very dull world”.

At the end of the day this one shaved the outside of the post with our reviewers and went out for a goal kick, but it’s not what the song does but what County do on the pitch.

Edith & The Gin Junkies are entering the Calmac Culture competition, due to be held at King Tuts in Glasgow on the 31st March. You can check their entry out , and support them, here.


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