Groove CairnGorm 2016, 11th-12th of March. Review.

Groove CairnGorm is truly the first of its kind in the UK. Taking inspiration from festivals such as Snowbombing and Snowboxx, Groove Cairngorm aims to combine two of the finest things in life – snowsports and good music. Seems like the perfect combo right? Well yes, it sure is.

Having had a good snow week in the lead up to the festival weekend hopes were high. Unfortunately mother-nature is a fickle woman and decided to rain and melt away the perfect conditions that Thursday had presented. However, the phrase ‘that’s Scottish skiing’ is one we all know and love and has never damped our eagerness! True to form, I was up the mountain as soon as I could.

Due to high winds the mountain were only able to run the lower section of the mountain on Saturday. Firstly, I would like to point out the efficiency of the mountain staff on what was a very busy day. Although there were unavoidable queues the staff moved the crowds along all day. Once up on the mountain, I clipped into my mum’s old and rusty skis and her small boots (having left mine in Switzerland where I teach skiing) and immediately started a good morning’s skiing. The snow was heavy underfoot due to the rain from the night before and took a bit of getting used to.

After having had to wait a while at the mid station for the train I decided to head to the other side of the mountain to avoid queues. Once there I did not want to leave and skied it upwards of 15 times each time improvising fun runs avoiding the heather and jumping over the rocks which offered fun obstacles. The snow was better over at this side and meant that I could get my edges in for some carving turns. The Fiacaill poma was definitely the place to be. Unfortunately all skiing events planned for the weekend were cancelled due to the conditions but on the bright side it meant more space for skiing fun.

Although, being very unlucky with the conditions it can always and will always be said ‘at least we are on the snow’ and that’s exactly what makes Groove festival special!

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