We have a look at some of the locally based acts releasing videos in time for Summer.

Video we are told killed the radio star, however online music resource The Hub , in an article well worth checking out, argues “Most professionals agree that music videos are becoming more important as digital media boosts, rather than kills, the video star.”

Whilst it doesn’t sound as catchy, it seems like a good time to cast our eyes over the recent offering from bands in the area and look at our faves over the past few months.

5Neon Knights – ‘You and Me’

Neon Knights squeezes on to the list for being released in March. The narrative of the video leaves a lot for interpretation and perhaps puts too many idea together for three and a half minutes. It’s certainly one that will take a few watches to make sense of what’s going on.

4Searching for Donkeys – ‘Mahonn’l’

A bit like buses, you wait ages for a video from Searching for Donkeys and up pops two in a few weeks, this one contrasts with the narrative of “It’s on Tonight“, by concentrating on the live performance of the band. Under the canny eye of Stephen Bull Productions, the video captures well the Searching for Donkey’s live gig experience.

3Devils Queen – ‘2012’

Typically big, bold and brash, anyone who has experienced a Devil’s Queen gig will acknowledge the job that Calum Menzies and his HND course group have done in creating a video encapsulates the band’s essence in the video for ‘2012’.

2James Mackenzie – ‘Until Forever’

It’s an undeniably beautiful track and whilst the concept of the video might have you reminising of Chris Martin in his younger years, nobody would argue that the simplicity of the imagery for ‘Until Forever’ allows the focus to belong on Mackenzie’s music.

1Bloodlines – ‘Skeletons’

The Matt Liengie directed video for ‘Skeletons’ draws on the gothic overtones that a band with a name like Bloodlines carry with them. To call it ambitious, probably does the video no justice, Bloodlines have a track record of great videos (you will get a taste by watching Cathedral) on a budget and this one pushes the barriers of what is achievable. Watch it, but possibly not while you are eating.

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