We look at the weather predictions for the festival.

Last year we asked the question does the weather matter at a festival, we would argue that good weather does impact positively on the general vibe of the festival, just look at the decision of Brew at the Bog to move dates to make warmer weather more likely.

Some of our favourite memories of Belladrum are in the pouring rain, indeed it is unsurprising that some tent bound bands hope for rain to increase attendance. So we have decided to again look at the weather predictions of the festival and we will be updating the predictions until the day of the festival. So without further ado;

Update – 30/7/2016 Most Recent

This is where it starts to get real, the choices of weather predictions become more specific and we can start to worry about the best time to camp and what to pack.

Met Check’s predictions (they are predictions and based on Beauly and we know that Belladrum have their own eco system!!) have changed a little. On Thursday those wanting to set up camp when the weather is less wet and windy would be advised to do so in the evening. For Thursday morning rain of 0.3mm, clouds  and a wind speed of 10-20mph is predicted, it will get dryer and lighter at lunch time and afternoon with a dry evening and Friday morning. A bit wetter for lunch time and in the afternoon (great for acts in the tents :)) and again a dryer evening.

On Saturday showers leading to more rain in the afternoon with this point being the worst for rain of the whole weekend (0.9mm anticipated), so plan your waterproofs etc for this time. Evening will give you the opportunity to dry off and the stage is set for a dry finale with Madness on the Garden stage.

On Sunday, setting off day from the campsite should be done in clear sky and dry , if a bit windy (currently the wind speeds of 19-27mph).

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If you want a read as to how the predictions have changed please see below;

Update – 24/7/2016

So let’s header to The Weather Channel, a nice local weather prediction giving lots of detail (not the best of news, but at least details). Thursday brings a 60% chance of rain, winds of between 15 – 25 km/hr. The rest of the weekend brings a decreased chance of rain (to 40% by Sunday) and the winds also calming down a bit.

Met Check posts a slightly different prediction on it’s day by day, but Thursday is still looking a bit wet and a bit windy, (currently suggesting that there will be more rain in the afternoon than morning so taking advantage of that early campsite opening might be advantageous). The weather improves on Friday with the wind calming down by Friday morning (so pitch your tent well :)) and is looking rain free for Saturday.

Update – 20/7/2016 (2 weeks out)

We looked first at theweatheroutlook where they warned “Large local variations in the weather do occur and the weather forecast is intended only to give an indication of the most likely average weather conditions.” So for the whole of Scotland the website predicts sun and cloud throughout Friday with temperature moving from 12 degrees celsius (at 6 am) to 16 degrees celsius (at 6pm). On Saturday predicts sun and slightly less cloud throughout Saturday with temperature moving from 11 degrees celsius (at 6 am) to 15 degrees celsius (at 6pm). On Sunday rain is predicted (does it not always rain on the Sunday) throughout the day.

We then took a look at Met Office;

Their predictions currently look at the UK and for the period between Thursday 4 Aug 2016 to Thursday 18 Aug 2016

“The latest indications are that a continuation of changeable weather conditions across the British Isles is the most likely scenario during early and mid August. So there are likely to be dry, bright and warm intervals between bands of rain and showery spells. Western and northwestern areas are likely to see the most rain, with southern and southeastern areas likely to be drier overall with the best of the sunshine. The temperature will probably average out at around or slightly below normal for August, with both some warm and cool days likely.”

Before we got dizzy we looked at one more in AccuWeather.com for the Inverness area we saw That Thursday to Saturday was overcast with highs of 18-20 degrees celsius, more sun predicted on Sunday.

So our conclusion at fourteen days out, it may rain it may not, it will be over cast some of the time. Hey we are good at this prediction stuff, less than 14 days out this will become a bit easier…

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