David Francey to play Inverness in September.

Moving from Scotland in the Sixties, his style is defined as classic folk although observers note hints of country and bluegrass. He uses music as a vessel for his observations and stories collected from years working as a labourer in Canada.

He had been writing songs for some time, he described in an interview that his work “leaves your brain free to do whatever it likes, and my brain likes to write. And so I’d be talking to the boys at work ya know, about life in general, maybe their family or my family whatever it is and something would come up that would just trigger a song and I’d just start working on it.” It was only through the encouragement of his wife that saw him move to performing in public and subsequently saw him release his first album, ‘Torn Screen Door’.

Described as “one of Canada’s best loved troubadours” he is now on his eleventh album in a seventeen year career, ‘Empty Train‘ was released earlier this year. It is a collection of songs focusing on the working class, telling their stories with realism and honesty.

Creditted for both his songwriting and his gigs, Chris White of Ottawa Folk Festival described his as “Passionate and authentic, David Francey brings his superb songs to life in spellbinding style.”

David Francey plays the Eden Court Theatre, Inverness on September the 24th. Tickets on sale here.