SKJØR to play Inverness in April.

Skjør (pronounced ‘sure’) have been finely crafting their own version of indie, art rock in the outskirts of Edinburgh since 2014. They released their debut single ‘Self Control’ and B-Side track ‘Without Hope’ on the 25th November 2016.

Inspired by adventures in Norway, Louise McCraw has beautifully sequenced her distinctive and poetic lyrics with the band’s guitar driven melodies. Influenced by indie rock, pop and funk bands, SKJØR’s bold and heartfelt melodies, with help from bassist, Jack Dorrian, guitarist Callum La Barre and drummer Toni McVey, encapsulates an accessible but distinctive sound.

2016 has seen the band selected for the coveted ‘Hit the Road’ touring project whilst also being the only band in Scotland to have been awarded Young Scot ‘Nuture Talent’ funding in the summer.

SKJØR have had the pleasure of supporting the likes of the Paper Kites, Lisbon, Teleman and Lanterns on the Lake, have performed at Hidden Door Festival, The Big Discovery Festival and toured across Scotland with November Lights and Five Cousins in 2016.

SKJØR play the Tooth & Claw, Inverness on April the 15th.

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