Libertines to play Ironworks in September.

If the rather breathless press release (written in 2015 I might add) is to be believed The Libertines dragging themselves out of the gutter to record and release their third album ‘Anthems for a Doomed Youth’ was, ‘quite simply, the most eagerly anticipated British rock album of this millennium’.

It even goes as far as to say that, ‘they are, by a long chalk, the most important band of their generation, and, after twelve years’ absence from the studio, they’ve arrived finally to prove the nay-sayers wrong’. That’s a fairly bold statement for a band that up to that point had looked like a bit of a lost cause. Perhaps better known for their chaotic lifestyle than their music, Doherty and Barât have been equal parts media darling and (particularly for Doherty) a tabloid hack’s wet dream. Court appearances, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and bizarre YouTube videos all indicated that the band would slowly slide into ignominy and a future of cheap ‘where are they now’ documentaries.

Proving the nay-sayers wrong seemed to give them the impetus they needed and after stints at rehab the two main men of the band did finally work things out to reform the band and produce ‘Anthems for a Doomed Youth’. Whilst it may not have had quite the same impact of their first two albums it did go some way to prove that the spark was very much alive.

Of course since the album was released the fans proved that despite the wait they had been loyal. They were surprise headliners for Glastonbury after the Foo Fighters pulled out and a T in the Park return that was pretty triumphant by anyone’s standards. A successful arena tour followed in 2016 and momentum appears to be favouring the band.

Are they the greatest act of their generation and did the album hold up to being one of the best of the millenium? Pop along to the Ironworks in September and give us your verdict.

Let’s give the last word to Mr Doherty…

“It’s a fucking miracle, actually, it really is,” says Doherty, grinning. “We’re completely blessed that things have worked out this way. I just feel there’s more to come”.

Goldenvoice and SJM Concerts presents the Libertines as they play Ironworks, Inverness on the 18th of September 2017.

Tickets on sale via the Ironwork website from Friday 23rd June at 9am.


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