We look at the TRNSMT main stage action.

With a giant T in the Park shaped hole in the summer festival diary, the good city of Glasgow has stepped into the breach and brought us the inaugural TRNSMT festival to keep us all from hitting the repeats of The Chase on Challenge TV all summer long. The TRNSMT festivities will be held on the hallowed ground of Glasgow Green on the weekend of the 7-9th of July and has no shortage of acts to keep us punters going until our next festival hit (mine is Belladrum FYI (no it’s not it’s Northern Roots – Ed)).

Considering this is the festival’s first year on the go, it has secured some impressive acts in the way of Kasabian, Biffy Clyro and the frankly legendary Radiohead who have chosen the festival as their only outing north of the border this year. The festival will also see names such as Rag N Bone Man, Stormzy and George Ezra – just to demonstrate the wealth of musical tastes that will be catered for over the weekend.

I dunno about you, but whenever I attend a summer festival I always have that itching, burning feeling (no, not that one) that I am missing a band that will change my life and I’ll end up a diseased, lonely old man all because I didn’t see ‘That Band’ sing ‘That Song’ ‘That One Time’. So, in the spirit of ‘not-missing-anything-that-may-ruin-your-entire-effing-life’, I present you a preview of the best that is on offer on the main stage across the weekend so you can make the decision whether to see the more established act or, if they are not to your taste, risk the newer, edgier option on the King Tut’s stage (you are welcome).

The must see act on the Friday night is without a doubt Radiohead. Sadly I have never witnessed Radiohead live but their studio albums have loomed large in my life ever since I purchased ‘The Bends’ way back when in 1995, and with the wealth of work they have churned out in their 25 odd years doing their do, there will no doubt be plenty to see when they take to the stage in Glasgow. In all honesty, I struggle to understand anyone who would see Radiohead on the bill at a festival and were not compelled to make their way to see such musical royalty – it seems like madness to me.

Further Friday night tunes will be brought to you by your favourite local indie-pop charmers Belle and Sebastian (always worth a look) and the haunting sounds of London Grammar who, if what I am told by every man and his hipster sister is true, is going to be your next favourite band to do nothing to. Hannah Reid’s voice has the ability to send you into a trance that hasn’t been seen since that weekend I spent with Derren Brown and Paul McKenna down the Islands (good times). But, if ethereal goodness is not your bag then Rag N Bone Man will be there to noise you up with his big-ass voice that defies logic and routinely breaks my thesaurus every time I try and find new superlatives to describe it.

Saturday brings us the 2nd colossal band of the weekend, Kasabian. The Leicester guitar-rock peddlers will no doubt be all swagger and no waiting. Their recent album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ secured their place at the top of the guitar-jangling food chain once again so you can be sure it’ll be a show not be missed. The rest of the day sees the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, George Ezra, and The Kooks keeping the guitar-a-thon alive for the indie lovers in the crowd.

I can however foresee a notable change in pace when Stormzy descends on the splendour that is Glasgow Green. The 23 year old Grime star will bring some real depth to the festival as this ferocious performer can really introduce some fire onto the stage – no matter who precedes him. His imposing, hyperactive and unflinching performances are the stuff of future late night chats in Hoot’s smoking area concerning “What’s the best gig you’ve ever been at?”. Stromzy should be a fine spectacle even amongst the uninitiated to the Grime scene.

The other band to watch out for would be the strangely named ‘Cabbage’. They may be another guitar band, but they are not JUST another guitar band. They have a primitive sound that may reek of the sound and smells of The Fall but they can rock out a hook to keep you entertained and pleased you came along for the ride all the while. Keep an eye out for this lot as they are tipped to be the saviours of guitar rock (like it needs saving!) with their socially aware lyrics and hugely talented line-up.

The final day has the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Blossoms and The 1975 doing their turn to keep the pop-pickers out of trouble and in the mood. Sunday will also see a return of a festival favourite in ‘The View.’ We all know the tunes and we all no doubt be nodding our head along to ‘Same Jeans’ and ‘Superstar Tradesman’ which I’m sure will be trotted out with glee by the lads. The View are a proper festival band and any bill is only improved by the addition of the indie-rockers from Dundee.

To most, Biffy Clyro will be the stand out act for Sunday as their appearance will more than likely be seen as a home-turf gig (despite being from Kilmarnock) and if you’ve ever been to a Biffy Clyro gig, you will know that their Scottish fans don’t hold back when it comes to Biffy. It’ll be sweaty, loud and pure good fun nae doubt!

If you fancy diving into the new festival, tickets can be purchased from here and if you aren’t convinced yet, an app has been produced which tells you everything you need to know about the festival. Time will tell if this will be a mainstay in the festival calendar, but with a lineup like this it is sure to be a crowd pleaser either way.

TRNSMT featuring headliners Radiohead, Kasabian and Biffy Clyro is hosted on the 7-9th July 2017 at Glasgow Green

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