The Teuchter’s Comedy Club returns to Bar On Taylor’s Street in July.

Friday 28th of July sees the return of the oddly shaped comedy animal that is The Teuchter’s Comedy Club.Nestled in its lair at Bar On Taylor’s Street, the many headed Teuchter beast invites the good people of Inverness to share in some no-holds-barred banter with comedians from the town and doon the road an’ aw.

Inverness has its small share of comedy nights and judging by the last outing of Teuchter’s it looks like this may be the club that can deliver a much needed shot in the arm for the comedy circuit of the city.

With total shock and pure awe I’m delighted to report that the Teuchter’s team have managed to coax the comedy behemoth that is The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III up the A9 to spread his alternative messianic message of mayhem and dispense only the harshest of patter to his Highland parishioners. For those not in the know about the Reverend, you never quite know what may pass the lips of the chosen one and he has the column inches to prove it. I can guarantee you with him on the mic the patter will be pretty scandalous and if you’re planning on sitting anywhere near the stage, expect it to be a riotus, scathing experience as he is never shy of telling people the error of their ways and why they should embrace the The Word as told by the shepherd we shall not want. This type of circuit comedian is not one we see often in Inverness so I’d recommend catching him this time around.

Following the mock cleric up the road is the very well travelled comedian Chris Henry. Having just finished an ACTUAL WORLD TOUR and now warming up for his Edinburgh fringe show next month, Chris should be a welcome addition to the ever growing Teuchter’s family and has been reviewed very favourably by the likes of Chortle and HuffingtonPost. Perhaps a more traditional comedian compared to cult-leader headliner, he’ll still give the Rev. a run for his money in both craic and insight.

Local patter will be dealt out by the likes of Mike Hendry and Grant MacIver who are well known to those of us who hang around the comedy nights of Inverness and they are sure to tick all the boxes needing ticked on the night.

The resident compere Gary Faulds will be doing the wrangling between acts and every time I’ve had the fortune of seeing Gary he never disappoints. He’s got a sharp wit and is a reactive, funny host who can dish out the digs should punters become restless, brave or just plain pished. Mix all this with the cheapest drinks in town (so it is claimed), it’s sure to be worth the measly entrance fee.

Doors open at 7 and the all important tickets can be purchased from The Teuchters Comedy Club

The Teuchter’s Comedy Club presents The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III and more as the event returns to Bar On Taylor’s Street, Inverness on the 28th of July.


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