The Ninth Wave to play The Tooth & Claw in October.

After rocking Belladrum’s Seedling Stage Scottish up-and-comers and Belladrum’s Seedling Stage rockers The Ninth Wave are ready to return to Inverness.

The Glasgow noise-pop quartet’s dynamic, moody sound, influenced by 80’s Goth and modern Indie-pop make them instantly recognisable due to the unique fusion they create. The band’s contemporary twist on ‘Siouxsee-and-The-Banshees-meets-Depeche-Mode’ styling, including haunting Sinead O’Connor-like female vocals battling masculine voices. That, paired with their melancholic synthesisers working alongside sharp, magnetising guitars, is beautifully portrayed in the titular new single from their new EP ‘Reformation’.

Their music is inspired by the dark, dreary streets of Glasgow held dear to their hearts, combined with their obsession with ‘dark side of the 80s’ alternative glory matches perfect with their ‘imperfect’ visual aesthetic in both video and stage. All four members’ arty, creative dark clothing choices represent their music as a whole, particularly resonating with a relaxed take on Marilyn Manson. These quirks are reflected in their performances and videos, and add to their growing-in-recognition identity.

The Ninth Wave’s Scotland tour, beginning 19th October in Aberdeen’s Cafe Drummonds, begins at the end of their busy, in-demand summer festival circuits, including Stirling’s popular Doune the Rabbit Hole festival. In midst of their touring success, the band have picked up Best Newcomer at the 2016 SAMA awards, and have performed locally in Inverness at XpoNorth in June of this year.

TwentyTen presents The Ninth Wave as they play The Tooth & Claw, Inverness on the 20th of October.