We introduce you to the Alness based with a Post Pop punk heart, Bunny and the Bear.

Who are you ?

Bunny and the Bear is Sarah Williamson (me) and Madison Pike. I’m 26 this year but Maddie and myself were in my first ever band back when we were 14.

What do you do ?

We make music as the lyrical writer a lot of our songs aren’t your average vibe they cover various topics a such as mental health.

For fans of…. ?

Fans of ? Where ? Show me I will hug them.

Where are you going ?

I think we’d like to get an albums worth of new song with a slightly new sound possibly expand in member and then just gig till someone hears us and digs it

Where can we catch you ?

Um …. Great question , hopefull somewhere soon ! Most likely inverness

Anything else?

Seriously the previous make make your eyes vomit and ears bleed but just give us a chance and ya may dig it

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