Talking about their plans for the rest of the year and further beyond, Aaron Murray of Silver Coast chats to IGigs.

In the past couple of years you invested a bit of time in growing your identity and presence throughout Scotland, how important has this been for the band?

Growing our presence and identity across Scotland has been extremely beneficial to us.
Networking with industry officials and fans is always a very important part of being a band.
It’s all about getting to know people and earning friendships with people. We love meeting new people and we really are a friendly bunch.

Excluding Feeder, which has always been such a strong influence in the very basis of Silver Coast, what are five tracks that influenced Silver Coast, and why?

It’s hard to choose 5 songs that influenced us to be truthful. We all have varied music tastes. Growing up, my Mum had me listening to Erasure, Big Country and Dire Straits to name a few, then Feeder played a massive part in guiding me towards the sort of music I wanted to create but we really have taken influence from so many bands over the years that narrowing it all down to 5 songs would be impossible haha.

Which are the best and worst reviews that the band has received, and how important is the feedback of others to you as a band?

As cliche as this sounds we have never looked upon any review with any negative intent. Reviews can steer a band in the right direction sometimes. We love hearing that we have played an amazing show but it’s also great to hear what we can improve on. How that is potrayed to us is all down to the reviewer. I don’t think we have ever read something that didn’t sit right with us. We just take it all in our stride and use it to improve what we feel we could work on and make better.

Your previous description of the band was “something fresh, something to warm the soul”, do you still feel true to this life affirming ethos?

I still feel that “something fresh” is accurate in the sense that we will go through phases of writing completely diverse songs. We never stick to having all our songs sounding the same, we release tracks like Wake Up and Learn but then when you listen to our EP Seasons you hear songs like Seasons itself and Needing you, Needing me (Alt Version). We tag ourselves under the Alternative Rock genre which is extremely open to interpretation but it allows us to experiment with slightly different genres and still have it under the Alt rock guise.

Haha “Warm the soul”, that was slightly pretentious of me now I’m reminded of saying that!

I write music that people will either love or hate. Not every song I write is going to connect with everyone but the people who do connect will completely understand what story i’m trying to tell.

Silver Coast have recently welcomed new lead guitarist Kyle Mack, what impact do you think Kyle will have on the band?

Kyle brings a fresh sound with him and we really believe that he will enhance the Silver Coast sound that has grown with us since the start. He really picked up our songs quickly and has played a few shows with us now which have gone down very well.

We played a show in Thurso with Forgetting the Future which was meant to be a 3 piece show but decided we would get Kyle thrown into the deep end and after two weeks of us thinking he had only learned 3 songs we were completely blown away when he performed an hour long set! It was crazy but felt good and from that we knew he was the right person to replace Andy and fill the big shoes he left behind.

We miss Andy but we all appreciate that he wanted to move on to pursue other musical endeavours. He has been to a couple of our shows with Kyle now which is cool.

What are you ambitions for the band for the end of 2017 and for 2018 ?

We have a couple of shows left for 2017 which are going to be awesome.

For 2018 we have a lot planned, from brand new releases, hoping to get involved with some festivals, working closely with our marketing team to gain the exposure we would love and getting back into the studio to record all the new songs we have been writing while taking a bit of down time recently. Our intenion is to keep releasing singles in 2018 but there may be an EP on the cards too but we will see how things play out.

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