We introduce you to Danny Mortimer and ask him a few questions.

It is perhaps surprising to note that Danny did not pick up a guitar until he was eighteen since that point he has featured in bands including Fat King George and latterly Christie Row. Learning his skills and adapting his style he chose to pursue a solo career at the end of 2015.

Currently he is fresh from playing his first Glasgow show Danny has had a busy summer which has included playing NXNE, Speyfest, Wolf Fest, playing a live sessions for Lantern Of The North and being the house band on Moray Firth Radio’s “Ginno’s At Breakfast”. Debut Ep “Out of the Blue” has earned him significant radio play world wide radio play as well as featuring in the Scottish new music chart. A follow up is planned soon, so we decided it was a good time to ask a few questions;

Who are you ?

I’m a solo artist


Danny Mortimer

What do you do ?

Melodic Guitar Based Rock

For fans of…. ?

Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse

Where are you going ?

My main ambition is to play the Ironworks in Inverness, an achievable yet realistic goal

Where can we catch you ?

28th October – Lossie FC Social club

Anything else?


Danny Mortimer can next be seen at the Lossie FC Social club and check out hisFacebook page .

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