We introduce you to Garrison Court and ask them a few question ahead of their forthcoming EP release.

Who are you ?

Garrison Court is formed of two brothers Jack and Josh Cartwright, we both started playing instruments around the same time and were always sort of jamming and writing together. However we never really thought of playing these instrumentals live until we stumbled upon a performance on YouTube of Olafur Arnalds and thought how amazing it was and that it’s actually possible to follow the same path.

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What do you do ?

Well we’d probably be best described as post-rock with a hint of Shoegaze but try to take inspiration from many things. Growing up we always watched bands like Blur and Radiohead and many post-rock/shoegaze bands and were amazed by their use of different pedals and effects to create different dimensions within the songs. So when writing this style seems to come quite naturally to us.

For fans of…. ?

Josh our guitarist has always been a bit of an Indie Kid at heart and grew up on bands like Blur, Radiohead, The Stone Roses and The Beatles, while Jack our bass player always loved artists like David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse. While over the years showing each other different things and sharing new things, but in later years we both really got into artists like Slowdive, Interpol, Olafur Arnalds, Explosions in the Sky and The National. So we’d have to say our style is kind of a blend of them all.

Where are you going ?

We’re currently recording our debut E.P and have recently released the first track on it, which has been really exciting. We hope to have the whole E.P our in the near future. We’ve been playing mainly round the Highlands so far and we’d love to get out and play around the country and even further afield. We’d like to maybe add things like drums to our sound and take our music as far as possible really.

Where can we catch you ?

You can find us playing all around the highlands really, mainly places like the Tooth and Claw and Mad Hatters. You can find us on FacebookYouTube and Twitter @Garrison_Court. (Check out their social media for latest gig announcements).

Anything else?

We can’t wait to get our EP out in the near future with help from Jamie from Ragamuffin Productions and hope you like what we have to offer. Would love to see you along at our gigs.

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