We cast our eyes over the albums that have been topping the Album of the Year lists from those in the know on the Scotland scene.

Tenement TV – WOLF ALICE ‘Visions Of A Life’

“If people are talking about guitar music again, then it’s because Wolf Alice are one of the artists leading the way. Right now, their potential feels more limitless than ever.”

Read Tenement TV’s full list here

Vic Galloway – OH SEES ‘Orc’

Read Vic Galloway’s full list here.

Small Music Network – VUKOVI ‘Vukovi’

Read Small Music Networks’s full list here.

SAY 2017 – SACRED PAWS ‘Strike A Match’

Read the SAY Award’s full list here.

The Skinny – BLUE ROSE CODE ‘The Water of Leith’

“The Water of Leith sees Ross Wilson shedding the past, embracing self-forgiveness and looking ahead to the future with his demons at bay and hope in his heart.”

Read The Skinny’s full Scottish album of the years list here.

 Everything Flows – MICHAEL HEAD AND THE RED ELASTIC BAND ‘Adios Señor Pussycat’

“melodic stories, a great band, a singer in rich voice, a choice cover of Wild Mountain Thyme and an album that gets better with every listen.”

Read Everything Flows’ full list here.

Jim Gellatly – CATHOLIC ACTION ‘In Memory Of’

Listen to Jim Gellatly’s full list here.

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Have a look at our photos of Blue Rose Code at Brew at the Bog 2016

Blue Rose Code at Brew at the Bog 2016 – Pictures