Ahead of their gig at Tooth & Claw in March, Dancing on Tables chats to IGigs.

School friends from Dunfermline, their bio describes them as ” the perfect marriage of skilful Lennon and McCartney inspired songwriting, combined with the energy from the Libertines.” Too good to miss? perhaps, but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch up with the guys.

You signed to LV Music in November 2017 and then immediately released your first single ‘OH’. This has since gone on to be played 100,000 times on Spotify. Has this initial impact exceeded your expectations on signing?

Signing to a global label was something we had always aimed for, but we had no pre conceptions of how this would affect our audience. Seeing so many people around the world listening to your music is reassuring, but we are always after more.

How did you come to the attention of LV Music seeing as it is a US label?

We worked with US based producer Femke Weidema on a track which caught the attention of LV. There were a few phone calls where we both set out our ambitions for the future and then signed the deal over tapas. They impressed us with their passion to support their artists, from then it seemed like a no-brainer.

You say that you have an eclectic range of influences but how much of a challenge is it to contain these within a 5 piece band without elements of friction?

We are very open with our songwriting process. We always write with the five of us together, so it’s easy for each person to pitch ideas / changes. It helps that we have been friends since school, so feel comfortable to say exactly how we feel. We see the eclectic influences are a bonus as it allows us to create the best music that we can as a group.

Wherever I’ve looked online you are being referenced as the new Coldplay. How did that come about and how do you feel about that?

I’m not too sure who started it, but one day people had just started calling us the new Coldplay. Being associated with a band as globally successful as them is never going to be a bad thing and shows us that we are on the right track. They have managed to adapt their sound over multiple albums to incorporate different influences whilst still keeping a distinctive Coldplay sound. That is a long term goal for us too

With an impressive list of recent achievements including featuring on Spotify’s Indie list and doing an acoustic set for Shazam HQ, is there a feeling that 2018 is the year for the band?

It feels like we are starting to make the progress that we’ve been aiming for. We are quite ambitious people so there is always a feeling that we could be doing more, but it feels like it’s going to be a special year. We were named as one of Variety Magazine’s ’10 Brits to Watch’ for this year which was really exciting for us. Being recognised by a magazine as globally influential as Variety gives us motivation to keep doing what we are doing.

Do you have anything else to plug at the moment?

The full list of our Scottish tour dates are

1 March – Glasgow – The Hug and Pint
9 March – Dundee – Church
16 March – Aberdeen – Drummonds
17 March – Inverness – Tooth and Claw

All ticket links are available from: www.dancingontables.co.uk/tour-dates


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