We introduce you to Liam Ross and ask him a few questions.

Who are you ?

I am Liam Ross and I am a fingerstyle acoustic guitar player. I play acoustic guitar to showcase to people that the guitar can do the full work of a band. In my live shows and music I combine lead guitar, bass guitar, vocal melody lines and even drums all on one instrument with no backing tracks.

What do you do ?

The genres and music I associate most to is anything I am interested at the time. For example right now I am listening to an album called “My Life In The Bush of Ghosts” by David Byrne and Brian Eno. This is mainly African rhythms mixed with electronic dance. Other than this I listen to bands like Rush, Fleetwood Mac and Tommy Emmanuel which give endless inspiration.

For fans of…. ?

I would say for fans of Dire Straits, Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Simon, Jon Gomm and even some Celtic music.

Where are you going ?

Right now I am working on a project focusing on abandoned locations in Scotland. Hearts and Faces and Abandoned Spaces will be a blog about each location with photos and artwork with a piece of guitar music written for each place. This will likely feed forward to an eventual album. My other goal is to keep improving and working on making my music and playing guitar better. I would also really love to play more locally in the Highlands.

Where can we catch you ?

Facebook PageYouTube and my Website.

Anything else?

If you want to check out the Hearts and Faces and Abandoned Spaces blog

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