Spring Break release Tropicaledonia

After a winter that seems to have lasted for an eternity, what better way to burst in to Spring than with the brand spanking new debut album Tropicaledonia from Inverness kaleidoscope Hip-Hop Trio Spring Break. An amazing follow up to 2015’s Departure Lounge EP, they come bursting out of the gate with Degenerative Eloquence, A track that sets the tone for the rest of the album, with smart lyrics, brilliant harmonies and scratching records, that get your foot tapping from the off.

This is an album that is not aiming, but is going to be the soundtrack to your summer, infusing many different musical styles throughout, from folk, funk, soul and jazz to the mix of scratching and beat box hip hop styles. It’s an album that gives you the listener a totally different experience on every track, from the chilled vibes from Did It Matter? to the sing along aggression in Dolphin Puncher, there is a track for everyone.

This is an album that is steeped in human nature from a Highland perspective with tales of mental health, drinking culture, small town life, but transcends out with a relative ease. The mix between DJ Butterscotch’s rapping and lyricism, the musical direction of Ben Hessling and the perfect tones of Emily Mackinnon, makes for a perfect combination that you will not want to turn off.

My personal favorites on this album are Dolphin Puncher, a track about pure aggression and what might happen if left unchecked.  Captain Chaos, with its catchy hook and entertaining lyrics and Rodeo Railroad and its sing a long chorus steeped in some good old-fashioned blues.

This has been my favorite album of 2018 so far by a country mile and as the sun shines in though my window as I write this, makes me look forward to the upcoming festival season and images of sitting in a field listening to this album put a massive smile across my face. I implore everyone to go out and get this album as you will look foolish if you don’t.

You can order Tropicaledonia here

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