Neon Waltz , with support from The Dazed Digital Age and The Strives, at Ironworks Venue, Inverness.

First on tonight was The Dazed Digital Age, “It’s a long winded name” confesses frontman Gogo McKerrow, before adding “Deal with it”. Did we catch a touch of irony behind those sunglasses and his swigs of Buckfast, we are genuinely unsure.

It’s the second appearance for the the trio, you couldn’t tell. The Dazed Digital Age have gathered a trio of established local musicians to create a certain warming retro feel to their electronica sound. Retaining an emotional and reflective vibe throughout, that is perfect for the dark and intimate setting. Lucid analogue throwback. More, please.

The Strives are riding high at the moment, recent EP ‘Kingpin’ has certainly been winning fans since it’s release in April, indeed they had graced the Ironworks stage last month to welcome the EP. It’s pretty much same again for the set, not that that is a bad thing.

Perhaps it’s the reviewers lack of imagination but we can’t get past that strong Kings of Leon feel ; from Barton’s vocals to the guitar twangs. The likes of ‘ Kingpin and ‘Tonic’ show a different side of the band,one where the lyrics take centre stage. But it’s when the band are going at it, 100 mph, that they excel. It’s head rocking, sweaty rock and roll that inspires.

The venue feels almost full by the time Neon Waltz take to the stage, and the partisan crowd are certainly up for a party with mosh pits, chanting and that general feel good buzz. It’s certainly infectious and if the band need some energy after playing Dundee and Glasgow consecutively the days before, then they would have found it from the crowd.

Neon Waltz are on top of there game, debut album ‘Strange Hymns’ is testament to that, but in the live setting, there is something so much more. Led by Jordan Shearer the perfect harmonies and entrancing lyrics create a journey through emotions.

‘Dreamers’ was always going to be the highlight for us a, much needed, anthem of hope in dark times. It did not disappoint and whilst cries for an encore fell on deaf ears, the night will be remembered fondly by those that got along.

 Check out the pictures below;

Neon Waltz, 12/5/2018 – Images