Rend Collective , with support from Guvna B and Trinity Worship Project, at Ironworks, Inverness.

The night of 17thof May will be marked in my calendar as a night of a resurrection!

Let me explain…when the folk–rock band from Northern Ireland is influenced by God and church your typical Thursday night turns in to Sunday morning worshiping session. The tunes are blended with occasional prayers and proclamations of the greatness of Jesus Christ the savior. The Rend Collective were in town and they brought “The Good News” Tour to Inverness, trust me… the good news did not come alone!

First part of the good news hailed from Vancouver, Canada,  a young band called the Trinity Worship Project. They where a great fit for the theme of the night combining the airy voice of the lead singer with strong , commercial melodic parts of the songs. The audience responded well to the performance, singing along to the lyrics, albeit being given a helping hand by the big screen on the stage. After their performance, Daren (drummer) of Rend Collective explained that the band are the students of worshiping back home . Did you not know you can study that now??? Me neither!

Next up was an absolute contrast in worshiping, through the use of Rap. London based Guvna B, shared personal stories and proud moments including  that his album is No 1 on Icharts  and that HMV has ordered 5 copies of his new album coming out on the 19thof May . So 5 lucky fans should go and get it! He had worked the shy crowd very well and we had some amazing singing, jumping, even screaming “Ogi,ogi,og?. Og Og Og!”. We were ready for the main act!

The Rend Collective came in with the force and sound of Mumford and Son or perhaps even U2. We had it all: cannons of smoke, confetti, fire crackers and even bubble machines. The special effects added to what was already an intense response from the, now well-warmed up, crowd.

The band themselves gave it their all. They danced, switched instruments, played anything from violin to harmonica to electric piano and more! It was an emotional roller coaster with the band switching from full on sound to acoustic letting the crowd do the singing and I guest with the force of a God the show went down a treat!

The Good news (tour)  isn’t over yet so it is never too late to see the band live or simply preorder their new album to enjoy. Christian folk-rock, Rocks.

You can see photos below;

Rend Collective, 17/5/2018 – Images