We ask Static Union a few question ahead of their gig at XpoNorth in June.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Sean, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Static Union. We play alternative rock music often accompanied with synthesizers and reverby guitars and write about personal experiences, anxiety, morality and politics.

There is so many acts and other things happening at XpoNorth, what makes your band stand out ?

We delve a bit deeper than most young bands around for the stuff we write about I think. These aren’t songs about getting on it at the weekend and I feel that manifests itself into the music as well.

Which other acts are you hoping to catch at Xpo ?

We played with Shredd not too long ago at King Tuts and I thought they were quality. Class musicians and great live energy. I also really like Annie Booth think she is a great songwriter with interesting lyrics.

For the band, what has give you the greatest sense of achievement so far in your career?

Last year we played the Royal Albert Hall and that was an unreal experience playing on such a big stage to that many people, it was immense. But the writing is what gives me the biggest buzz and sense of progress personally and as a band. We’ve just recorded our first EP which will be out soon which we are all really happy with. We feel like we’ve done something that’s daring, exciting but also thought provoking as well and that we’ve finally found our identity as a band.

What’s on the horizon?

We are playing some festivals in the summer which should be a good few trips and should have our EP out by September.

Where can we catch you ?

We are playing at The Tooth & Claw at 8pm on the 27th June.

Anything else?

We’re all big admirers of Larry David

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