The Porch Sessions at MacGregors, Inverness.

The Porch Sessions is the work of Fraser McLean and runs in Macgregors bar, the bar has that auld modern industrial feel. You can imagine musicians of old playing in a similar setting. Matt Sillars  starts off the evenings music with a very relaxed blues set joined by Stuart Morran on his smashing wee cigar box. with his soul filled rendition of “Call Me The Blues” with fantastic guitar and box solos certainly getting the crowd hooked.

Next up Emma Mitchel who did not disappoint with the sweet vocals and intricate guitar. Halfway through Emma had a lovely version “Feel Like Making Love” which she was joined by Matt Sillars on guitar. The two of them reunite an old musical friendship to fill the place with some good old fashioned blues. When they played “House Of The Rising Sun” it was so easy to imaging being in a bar in New Orleans.

Calvin Prior gave us good covered pop songs such as likes of Budapest by George Ezra. He finished up his set with one of his own. Good to here some of his own work “Consequences” is a nice wee number!

Graeme Gilchrist and Colin Larkman put together a smashing set takes me back to the Searching For Donkeys days. “Rich With The Alcohol” had smashing harmonies and vocals with some funky guitar work theses two are a joy to listen to.

Billy Mitchel takes the last spot of the night with his own  songs with a folksy Jake bug with a mix of the Animals. With a good passionate sound which gave off a energetic feel! He had a hold of his audience with “You Got A Hold Of Me Too”! The place was hopping to my girl! With his energy he left us wanting more!

After all the named acts are done the evening becomes acoustic with an open to all jam, which helped to keep the party rolling on a softer level.

The Porch Sessions was a great night the audience was well engaged, but I feel that a compere would just add that bit more of a clue to the audience as to what’s going on. Maybe I’m just old fashioned that way. Great to see such and evening of acoustic acts.

Can’t wait to see what Fraser and Co. has to offer up next, keep an eye on their facebook page for further details.