Ahead of their gig at IGigs presents @ The Highland Games in July, Mark Allison of Annakii chats to IGigs.

How did you guys come to play together?

Myself and Dave have played in bands together for the last 10 years. I have Known Anna since she was 2 days old. When she was 18 I heard her singing and knew she had something then 5 years later we all found ourselves at a point where we were free to work with each other.

Whilst genres can be fairly nondescript, what is the type of music that you aspire to create?

More acts than particular songs hold an influence. From a songwriting aspect, bands like the Killers and The Script creep in, each of us has our set of artists that we love that brings something to the sound from the Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pink, Suzi Quatro, Rolling Stones and a host of 70s and 80s rock bands.

Which of you songs do you think best represents you? 

At the moment we have two. ‘A Beautiful Lie’ which has been developing over a few years which Anna has put her stamp on it and has plenty hooks, and one of my latest tracks ‘Sunshine’ which again, Anna has taken and put her personality all over it. We start and finish our set with these two songs.

What would be the soundtrack for your act?

A soundtrack that would summarise us would be ‘So What’ by Pink, 6 degrees of Separation by the Script, When We Were Young by the Killers, Learn to Fly by The Foo Fighters and Highway to Hell by AC/DC

What are the ambitions for your band?

We take it a day at a time and an audience at a time but the plan is to head off to Copenhagen next year to record our first album with a friend and very talented Danish producer Soren Andersen

IGigs Presents is championing new and exciting music on the local scene, which Highland based new acts do you recommend checking out?

Having been out of the local scene for a while, not sure of all of them but Devils Queen are pretty tight Heavy Metal act, Bloodlines have an aggression thats almost unexplained and Sarah Williamson has that quirkiness to her songs.

How would you encourage folk to come and hear you for the first time?

If you like a bit of loud guitar fronted with a girl with attitude and then walk away singing the songs without realising it, thats us :)

IGigs Presents @ The Inverness Highland Games is on the 21st of July, 2018 6pm -10pm. Other gigs can be found on their Facebook page.

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