We introduce you to Fight the Raptor and ask them a few question ahead of their gig at Ironworks in September.

Who are you ?

We are Fight the Raptor consisting of;

Micky Scott- Guitar/ vocals, Sean Toye- Bass/vocals and Moley- Drums/vocals.

Former members of metal band Fallen Riot. We didn’t want to stop making music so…… here we are

What do you do ?

We struggle with this question. I think its more “prog heavy rock”. With a touch of metal. Come see us and see if you agree.

For fans of…. ?

For fans of Reuben, Foo Fighters, Funeral For a Friend, Story of the Year, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Rise Against.

Where are you going ?

We are hoping to just get more gigs, support a few big bands and get a bigger name for ourselves really. Nothing much, we just want to play music we love for fans who will love it equally.

Where can we catch you ?

Ironworks 1st of September as main support for Spoke Too Soon and November 3rd for an all-day festival in the Phoenix Bar with many other bands like Sharkteeth Grinder and Cherry Park (full details here).

Anything else?

Thanks for taking the time to check is out. Swing by and give the Facebook page a good ol’ like.

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