We review Gordon James and the Power’s latest track “In Beauty and Form”.

Elgin band Gordon James and the Powerreturn with new track In Beauty and Form.It starts with just an acoustic guitar, before the haunting vocals of front man Gordon James join in and hook you.

As the track builds but to a fine pace, which makes this a perfect follow up to their previous single Blood. It’s a really nice chilled out track, that it will be playing in the back of your head for days. With this last couple of singles’, it shows the strides the band have taken since releasing their debut EP last year.

I think that by continuing to work with producer Justin Paul Hill, is paying off as the two parties obviously understand where each are coming from and what sound they want from these tracks. I asked another member of the Igigs team what they thought about the song, to which they replied “It’s a nice big warm hug on a cold Autumn evening.” Which I think perfectly sums up In Beauty and Form.

Single is out now via normal digital platforms

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