Ahead of the Battle of the Bands final at Tooth and Claw in March, Monsters in the Ballroom answers a few questions from IGigs.

Whilst the band members first met in college several years ago, it is surprising to note that Monsters in the Ballroom have played live only a handful of gigs. They deservedly made it through to the finals of the Battle of the Bands with a wildcard;

For the band how does it feel to be in the final of the competition?

Insane and surreal, since this is only like our 4th gig.

What do you think it is about your music that has caught the imagination and support of the audiences and the judges? 

We think its the simple catchy-ness in our songs. As we often say ‘Not groove, no point.’

A thousand quid is an impressive prize, what are your plans for it, should you win?

We’re going to focus the potential prize back into the band to get our debut Ep recorded and released, and get some merch out there for our fellow fiends.

For people new to your music, how do you describe it? 

We provide a solid groove in differnt flavours, and we’re heavy in all the right places.

If you were to build a soundtrack of your band, choosing only other act’s work, which five tunes would top the list?

Let’s Stop Hanging Out by Reuben

Thats What You Get by Paramore 

Supa Scoop & Mighty Scoop by Kyuss

Keep Your Eyes Peeled by Queens of the Stone Age 

Statues of Shame by Black Peaks

When it comes to preparing for the final how easy is planning your set-list and which are the songs that will definitely make it to the final ?

‘Kink’ for sure just because we love that tune, short, dirty and sweet, and people love it. And Nobodie’s Blameless, Its a great track to end on and has a few nice ups and downs.

Which of the bands that you have seen in the competition have you been impressed by, and why?

That kind of a hard question to answer, as its been a pleasure to play along side  all off these great artists. King Kobalt, Midnight Pacific, Colin Cannon and The Dihydro, all great acts with so much veriety between them theres something there for everyone.

What are your plans and ambitions for 2019?

Our plans for 2019? well we just aim to get out there as much as possible as getting as music there as possible or as much as working full time permits anyway. admitadly things moved far  quicker than we had belived they would so finding out what we do this year is gonna be fun

Monsters in the Ballroom joins Ramanan and The Dihydro in the final of the Battle of the Bands at The Tooth and Claw, 23rd of March, 2019.

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