Calum Jones at the EndoSpell preview

Calum Jones came straight from Capers in the Cannich on Friday evening to do a few songs live for Andrea Dalgetty to help promote the much anticipated EndoSpell festival taking place next weekend on the 31st-1st Aug near Tore. More details of EndoSpell here.

Rob Ellen with IMTV provided (after a few technical issues) the live broadcast from Calum to an appreciative handful of selected audience members at the festival venue which is still being constructed in time for next week at Tore. 

Andrea Dalgetty, founder of EndoSpell festival, will be donating all proceeds towards setting up her Endometriosis Foundation, which has the potential to support 175 million endometriosis sufferers across the world. Through the EndoSpell foundation, backed by the scientific community of cutting edge researchers behind this revolution, Andrea plans to advance a revolutionary treatment for this debilitating condition, which she herself has benefited from.

Many thanks to Calum Jones for making such a great effort to help promote “EndoSpell” further and you can still buy remaining tickets here: