Dawn Stella McArthur


I can’t promise you intellectual chat about structure or comparisons to other bands but I am going to try and put the feelings I have into text. That being said you might hear the word tingle more than occasionally and other words like fantastic, amazing and delighted are favourites! Honestly I am only learning about instruments and how music goes together, possibly as most of my 20’s I was reaching for lazers. Live music baffles, intrigues and delights me!! However I have not a musical making bone in my body but I love to dance and make the occasional badge for talented musical folks. ;-) If you enjoy excited ramblings about music tickling my senses as I learn and fall more in love with it, then you might like things I try to write.




Hits and Misses

A dawdle around the final day of the festival.

Planning, Luck and Getting Lost

A look at the cider , the music and the vibe

Little Thursday

A look around Thursday night at Belladrum 2016

Music to make you feel better

UHI students show what come done in little time....

Choo Choo!!

A preview of the Insider's Strathpey Safari

Super Strolling Saturday

Review of Saturday at Belladrum 2015

Folky and Functional Friday

A not so manic wonder on Friday night of Belladrum15

Spread (sheet) the Bella love

We look at a range of acts from Tantz to Elephant Sessions