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Rabbit in the Garden

Frightened Rabbit in pictures at Bella

Flash mob

The audience went wild for the man they call the Master Gee.

Showcase Snaps

Pictures of the acts of the Ironworks Summer showcase

Before and Before that

A sneak peak at Belladrum pre-festival

The Eagle Kicks off

An eclectic start for goNORTH 2014

Clutha Fundraiser – Pictures

The first part of the Clutha Bar Fundraiser held at Hootananny, Inverness on the 3rd of January, 2014 in pictures.

Showcase does it again

A review of Caroline Truslove, Casey Inlet and Furry Vengeance, aka Summer Showcase 7 at the Ironworks, Inverness on the 22nd of August, 2013.

B Nice

A review of BFest 2013, Wick on Saturday the 17th of August.

Catching the Bella Vibe

Images of the folk and art of Belladrum 2013.