Victoria Heywood


Normally found running around trying to organise everything and everyone, I have decided to take a more sedate path in life of late, and in doing so, have been given the wonderful opportunity to write reviews for this fantastic site. Not being a local, this is my first foray into the world of live music in Inverness. I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, but am particularly fond of Folk and Trad, and have a soft spot for fiddles.




You shall go to the ball

The Fairytale Fashion Ball to be hosted as part of Highland Fashion week.

Time for a change

Review of Rabbit Punch and Devil's Queen

A Riot Indeed

Review of The Kaiser Chiefs

High Barbary at Belladrum

Review of Blackbeard's Tea Party

First Thoughts

A look round Bella with fresh eyes....

Icing on the cake

Idlewild leads up current additions to bill

Through the Chaos

Review of Rabbit Punch and Devil's Queen

From London, with love

Dougie Scott takes to the Mad Hatters stage.